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Orders & Purchases

All our clothing listings include the apparel model and/or a size chart. Please ensure you have your desired measurements before placing an order.

There will be no returns due to sizing. Since we make everything on demand requesting a size exchange would require producing an entirely new product.

Once you’ve placed an order and our payment system approves the transaction, our system takes a few minutes to synchronize. During this time, you have a 2-hour grace period to make any necessary address corrections or size/color modifications to your order. After this grace period expires, we initiate order processing, and we won’t be able to guarantee further changes.

Yes, you should receive a confirmation email automatically sent to the provided email address. Don’t forget to check your junk mail folder, as well. We recommend creating an account on our website rather than checking out as a ‘guest’ so that you can easily monitor the order’s progress.

All of our products are made to order. Usually, it takes 3-8 days to fulfill an order. Some products, depending on the level of customization, may take up to 14 days.

Shipping times depend on carrier and your location, but can be estimated as follows:

USA, PR: 3-4 business days
CA: 6-8 business days
INTL: 10-20 business days

Depending on the delivery option you selected at checkout, we’ll email you a tracking link after your order has been shipped.

Follow this link to check the status of your order. We can also send you notifications about any important updates regarding your order – just make sure you’ve opted into notifications.

After placing the order, you have a 2-hour grace period to make any necessary address corrections or size/color modifications.

If you wish to cancel, contact us immediately to assist you, or open a Support Ticker in your account. As we begin processing orders within 2 hours of receiving, we are unable to guarantee any cancellations after this time period.

Canceling your order is always our last resort, and it’s done with your best interests in mind, saving you both time and money. Rest assured, if your order is canceled, you won’t incur any charges.

Here are the most common reasons an order might be canceled:

  1. Out of Stock: Sometimes, the item you ordered becomes unavailable due to high demand, and we run out of stock before we can fulfill your order.

  2. Price or Listing Errors: Occasionally, errors may occur in pricing or listing information, and we have to cancel the order to correct the discrepancy.

  3. Additional Information Required: In certain cases, our Credit and Fraud Avoidance department may require additional information from you to process your order. Failure to provide this information may lead to order cancellation.

  4. Unavailable Carrier or Shipping Method: If the chosen carrier or shipping method becomes unavailable, we may need to cancel the order and provide alternative shipping options.

If any part of your order is canceled or if we require more information to process your order, we will notify you via email.

It’s not unusual for us to ship items separately to ensure efficient and timely fulfillment and delivery of your order.

Some items may take longer to produce than others and we like to dispatch items as soon as they are ready. This occasionally results in separate shipments. Rest assured, this is a common practice, and we will provide you with the tracking number for each package.

If, however, you suspect that an item may have been unintentionally left out *humans after all*, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re here to assist you and ensure that your order is complete and accurate.

Custom / Requests

es, we can work with any of the designs already available in different mediums, as long as it’s possible. For example, you can request a design available only as a t-shirt, pin, sticker, etc., to be printed on a crop top, hoodie, etc. If the design requires modification, there may be an additional charge. Requesting a design in a size not listed does not have an extra cost.

Art commissions are worked on directly with the artist, depending on their availability. Commissions may require a deposit.

We offer sizes from kids’ sizes up to 5XL. If you don’t see your size listed for a particular item, it’s probably out of stock. Message us, and we’ll be happy to assist offering similar options.

Yes! We’ll do it free of charge.

Just write to us indicating which design you’d like us to make in the colors of your flag 🙂

Yes, we offer discounts on orders of more than 30 pieces and sometimes less depending on the item. To receive a quote, please send us a message or use the contact form with the details and quantity. If it’s for a specific date and there are more than 50 units, please request with at least 3 weeks in advance.

Returns & Refunds

We offer returns or exchanges only for damages in transit or defects in the product, garment, or printing. To initiate a return or exchange, you must contact us within the first 5 days of receiving your order, and provide photos that clearly depict the reason for your claim.

No, items on special sale, clearance, classified as ‘b grade,’ or discounted due to defects are not eligible for return or exchange under any circumstance.

No, returns will not be accepted for items that have been personalized or for custom orders.

Shipping & Tracking

We can ship internationally and do so via our Etsy shop. If you need a specific item expedited or want better rates for multiple items, contact us. We can work something out 🙂

Packages are shipped via various carriers such as USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, depending on the destination and package size. Please note that your order may arrive in separate packages.

We use compostable mailers, repurposed materials and make our own filling right at the studio out of unused cardstock. To protect some items from unwanted scratches and dust we use cellophane bags made from renewable resources.

Orders never include receipts or prices in the packages for your convenience. Our packaging is discreet and has nothing written on it that could identify its contents.

If your package is returned due to address errors or failure to pick it up at the post office, you will be charged for the cost of re-shipping.

Once we receive your returned package we will contact you to ask how you’d like to proceed. Please note we can only guarantee holding on to the item for 10 days.

n the unfortunate event that something happens to your package during transit, you will need to request an investigation with the mailing service (e.g., USPS, FedEx). Typically, these services have a 1-week investigation and reimbursement period, but the requirements may vary between services. You can visit the respective service’s pages to read their policies.

f you have completed the necessary steps and the mailing service is unable to respond, please contact us with copied information of the investigation to explore our possibilities.

  • Yes, if you wish to have your items gift-wrapped and shipped together in a single package, we can arrange it for you at an additional cost. You can also include a personalized note with the gift. Please ensure you notify us that you want this gift service before placing your order online.

Yes, in most cases, expedited shipping is available for most items. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss expedited shipping options.

Pick up

We have an established meeting point in San Juan, Puerto Rico for pick up.

Every week, we have a variety of pieces available for immediate pick-up, but we do not have a physical location for our shop. We announce our participation in local markets and events monhtly via our social media.

Once notified that your order is ready for pick-up, you will have a 1-week period to agree on a date and time. After 2 weeks, we cannot guarantee that the piece will be available due to storage reasons.

We do not offer delivery services. We only ship or provide a pick-up option in San Juan, Puerto Rico, from Tuesday to Friday, 6-9 pm.

General Info

“Sabor a Libertad” translates to ‘Taste of Freedom’ in Spanish. It reflects our belief that there are numerous paths to freedom, and we aim to celebrate and support self-expression through clothing and art

We design all our products ourselves.

Stickers, pins, patches, lanyards, keychains, magnets, notebooks, jewelry, art prints and artisanal decor items are printed and/or crafted by queer hands in Puerto Rico.

Since 2022, we’ve created small batches of embroidered, screen printed and hand-painted canvas tote bags in our studio.

As of 2023, t-shirts, crop tops, tanks and most of our sweaters are printed at our studio using DTF or screen printing methods.

For items beyond our production and storage capabilities, we work with trusted printers to bring our designs to life.

Yes, we are open to collaborations with organizations, community centers, queer events, and other artist collectives. For more information, check out our Services page or get in touch with us.

  • Turn the garment ‘inside-out’ so the design is facing inwards.
  • Hand wash with cold water. If using a washing machine, select ‘delicate’ cycle and use cold water.
  • Choose a detergent suitable for colored clothing (‘color-safe’).
  • Do not leave the garment wet for an extended period. It should be dried promptly after washing.
  • The colors of the garment may bleed in the first few washes. If this happens, wash it again immediately.
  • Never iron directly over the design. It is safer to turn the garment inside-out or place a paper over the design while ironing.
  • For garments with embroidery, hand washing is recommended. Handle the embroidery with care.
  • Some dark and colorful garments may have a treatment that may feel like a varnish or a rigid layer around the design. This will disappear after the first few washes.
  • For bags and totes, wash in cold water on a delicate cycle with bleach-free detergent. They can also be dry cleaned or cleaned with a cloth.
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